Don't buy milk & break before a storm, buy these things

When winter weather hits, it has become a running joke when stores run out of milk, bread and eggs. Here's why those have become the first things we buy and why we should stop.

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DJ Sakademiks: With a snow storm there are no perishables lol. Doesn't matter if power goes out. You have snow lmao

xguy: The list of SHOULD buy items could include a variety of nuts for veggie protein, and Tic Tacs for pussy grabs‼️

SamIAm: you stupid shit, bread is perishable. I dare you to eat a moldy loaf.

Lady L Hermit: hey. bread holds your meat the together, lighter can toast your bread to YouTube show how to ER stoves. this might have to be prior knowledge.
Americans smart people, if not lay in bed and die.

myname is love: YEAHHHH I needed a break?? Bread..

Kate Wier: how useful but there was hardly any snow where I am

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