Post 559/1000 | Bread & Milk | Original Song by Allison Shockley & Danny Caudle

The words of this song come from the poetry of Allison Shockley. We recently visited her Aunt who had all of the documentation of her mothers murder. Allison step-father murdered her mother. Allison was 7 years old. He tried to get off on insanity saying he couldn't remember the weekend. He got sentenced to jail for murder and ended up getting killed in prison. We stayed up all night reading every page of the documents, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous letters. Needless to say, there was a lot on our minds, especially Allison's. I told her to write her thoughts on paper. She came up with this: The dark & twisted words you said After you would take me to bed. Even thigh you'd rather see me dead See me dead. I'm not dead. You are dead and I am free Your lies flow out like poetry You pretend you've lost your sanity In hopes to bargain your plea To see me dead. I'm not dead. You are dead & I am free You say you blacked out until Monday That fourth shot was the only way To take her suffering away or to see her dead But I'm not dead. And you are dead & I am free Two hand guns and a Smith & Wesson To see me dead Bread and milk and Blue garmets I'm not dead Murdering and Arsony You are dead Many years of Grieving I am free

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