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MP3 Download ► This theme song was planned for a video game. The project has been canceled and I am allowed to upload my work now. It's royalty-free! Free download, free to use (as long as credit to me is given). Enjoy! P.S.: The art is not related to the original game. Soundtrack commissioned by Artwork Piano Tutorial + Sheet Music + MIDI: ♫ TWITTER: ♫ INSTAGRAM: ♫ FACEBOOK: ♫ TUMBLR: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am myuu. A musician who loves writing dark piano songs. They are free to use as long as credit is given. I always try to make the music sound creepy and beautiful at the same time. In addition to my piano and horror soundtracks I also do orchestrated pieces and industrial/experimental work.

Tags: creepy horror


Bijou Aria: I bet this was gonna be one rad video game :(

λυσ Πο: gloomy gentelmen

Amanda -Jones: Please tell me this is on spotify

Trica Gamer2.4: Sem dúvidas a melhor! Eu consigo viajar nos meus pensamentos e na minha imaginação quando ouço essa música... Muito bom!

JazzpankWO: will it be on spotify?

SirDoyle: scaretheater brought me here.

Archagent Everlasting: i now know this as scaretheater's theme

L Lawliet: I love this song, I love this artwork, I love this incredible artist and I love all about him

Amanda Lockridge: This video taught me two things: Which musician to commission to make a game, and which ARTIST to commission.

Bill Gkolgkakis: I love it bravo myuu

Jdsman 31899: God damn I finally found this awesome tune. You always amuse Myujii, never change and stay classy

KASSIDY MCCULLOUGH: this sounds like something I'd dance to in the middle of the night

BIG STURAT: It looks like he's holding a fucking dildo

Bijou Aria: Do you think you can make an hour version of this? If so thanks, if not, it’s okay I’m sure you’re busy

Bijou Aria: Good god, where could I ever find music that sounds like this? It’s amazing

Erik Hawkke: This is bloody fantastic! There is just something about creepy player piano music.

Grave Grizzly: You’re the best composer of all time. I’m not being hyperbolic in any way, you’re officially my favorite.

Blazzered: I can see a music video of this being made that is a killer child-friendly-looking clown playing this with a big smile on his face and having the time of his life while being in a dark gruesome room full of mutilated bodies.

Jonaking The emperor of loli's: With yousischin lerning is esier thane ever before!....

Rulia Lee: This song kind of gives me the image of a distorted world. Like everything seems normal but just something's a bit off.

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