James Mccluskey: I have never found worms in my meat.

andy eko: maybe that's what make pork delicious....

aurora J: Actually this is very real.

Robert Goss:

Muslim and Jewish propaganda

littleG Gaming: just cook your food basically

POINT BLANK: Pork meat is shit ! Thats why jews ans muslims do not eat it. Not written on the degenerated bible versions...Do Not Eat this shit...

Taino Tribes: what in the soda makes the worms come out

Tanglao Raul: Why you are disgusting,you should know that because all of you are belong to medical team and u are all responsible how to study on it.

Tanglao Raul: Actually the meat are fresh nothing to worry is just white worm that could be good for the body thats protein

spanky gti: Luv a crispy pork chop with coke

Princess Florals: i can't believe it im not gonna eat pork now.Guys,is that true?:0

Marc-Andre Chevalier: Just tried it at home. Faaakkkeeee..... I feel stupid to have even doubted myself.

forcommenting: Ugh... come on people.. FAKE.

Lanto Rajoelison: And if pouring coca on the beef, do you believe there will be no worm

jerry mebane: I'm not Muslim but I damn sure don't eat pork. Disgusting!!! I rarely eat beef and Chicken! FOH

Mart McCoy: these "people" should put to death. this is lies.

ShiningNorth: I tried using cow meat as well. Turned out the same.

James Graham: eating pork right now, taste soooo good

Kevin Young: That's. Just. NASTY!!!!...anybody else hungry for a pork chop sandwich and a Coke?

Bigbos2000: eveyone read Leviticus 11 and you'll see that pork is unclean and whosoever eat it shall be unclean

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